CHEM 431 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry
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CHEM 431:  Advanced Inorganic Chemistry:  From Fall 2004.  Web page is not updated but provides a resource.


CHEM 431 Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Instructor:  Associate Professor Ken Czerwinski

Office:  HRC 170H; E-Mail:, phone 5-0501

Monday, Wednesday 1000-1115, Room CHEM 102

Fall 2004

Homework Assigned on Wednesday, Quiz on Homework Following Wednesday

Quizzes (10 %)

Exam (15 % each)

Report on Inorganic Literature (5 %)

Final Exam (25 %)


Inorganic Chemistry 

Duward Shriver, Peter Atkins

3rd edition

WH Freeman and Company, New York, 1999

ISBN 716728737

Lectures contain textbook information and figures.  Questions from the textbook are included in the homework.

This class describes and classifies the chemistry of the periodic table.  The focus is on the periodic reactivity, properties, and structure of elements and compounds.  The description of these interactions is based on atomic and molecular orbitals.  The class will cover the fundamental areas of inorganic chemistry; structure and orbitals, symmetry, acid-base reactions, redox, and transition and actinide elements. Specific complexes and reactions with C, B, N, and O are covered.  Advanced topics discussed will include d- and f- organometallics, spectroscopy, catalysts, and bioinorganic chemistry

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